Bright Capital supports Krallmann Group

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Bright Capital supports the growth of Krallmann Group. The financing includes the expansion of the company’s innovation capacities, further development of innovative technologies, the expansion of the group’s working capital as well as investments into automatization.

Krallmann Group has undertaken an impressive change from a classic injection moulding contract manufacturer to a manufacturing process and product innovation leader. Bright Capital is pleased to consider the Krallmann Group a partner and supports the company in their sustainable growth.

Krallmann is one of Germany’s leading developers of one-stop-shop solutions in the area of polymer processing and tool making. In cooperation with major German industry leaders, the family owned company, which was founded in 1969, develops and produces high-end thermoplastics for special applications as well as bulk production. The product portfolio of Krallmann Group includes more than 100 process and product patents.

In addition to the successful injection moulding core business Krallmann offers their clients an innovative concept called start-up factory. Implementation projects of clients can be tested on the basis of a cost-effective project ready for series production. With the start-up factory clients receive an optimal retracted unit that has already a proof of concept in terms of suitability for mass production and functionality.

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